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CCFI focuses on helping churches and ministers stay compliant with the tax laws.

Jesus after all paid taxes.  CCFI helps churches and ministers to follow His example.

Founded in 1986, the Council on Church Financial Integrity (CCFI) provides guidance to help churches comply with IRS rules, and for Pastors to enjoy all the benefits that the law allows.

CCFI’s mission is to keep Churches up to date with the latest government regulations to help Churches achieve the highest levels of financial integrity.

CCFI believes that there is safety in numbers.

The government dares not come against the Catholics or the Baptists directly, but they have no problem going after a lone church which has been cut off from the herd.

CCFI serves as the NEWS SOURCE for independent Word of Faith Churches as a group.

The government pays attention when an informed group talks to them.  CCFI churches enjoy the influence in Washington that comes by being recognized as a group which pays attention to what's happening in the news.

Protection for Churches through knowledge, wisdom, and safety in numbers.

Even now you can hear the hoofbeats of big changes that are coming. New tax laws.  New rules that can affect churches.  Some of these will be good for churches, and some may present challenges.

We need watchmen on the walls to warn us when the philistines are headed toward the church.  And also to give us knowledge when there are benefits for ministers and churches that God has provided through pharoah, as God did through the hand of Joseph.

Your Editor

David Epstein was a columnist for Focus on the Family’s Pastors Family Edition.  His articles and interviews have appeared in national publications, such as Leadership and Your Church.  David has appeared on national radio programs such as Larry Burkett’s Money Matters, Pastor to Pastor with Dr. H. B. London, and Billy Graham’s Decision radio program.


We hope you will decide to become a CCFI Member Church and put CCFI on your Missions List each month, so you can help power CCFI News Investigations, Interviews, and Bulletins to bring your church cutting edge info such as:


  • Alerts about government attempts to come against churches and pastors, and what is being done to stop them.


  • Great ideas for the best ways to bless pastors with legal and IRS approved salary and benefits.


  • Practical tips for running your church legally and with integrity in all areas.


  • Church growth strategies that work in the time of pandemic.


  • 21st century TV and social media strategies you won’t hear about anywhere else.

CCFI has these current needs to gear up to be your Watchman on the Wall reporting on the Biden IRS and its policies which could affect your church:

  • A small office on Capitol Hill within walking distance of the House and Senate. People on the Hill notice when you’re committed enough to have a presence there. CCFI has already raised:

$    ✔︎11,500
        ➪ 81,500 current building fund balance
       of the $324,000 needed to buy this office.

  • Part time legal and accounting staff to help analyze new laws, and report on what the impact would be to churches, whether favorable or unfavorable.

If you would like to help CCFI be your Watchman on the Wall for these next four years, please consider placing CCFI on your regular Mission List.  You may click the Donate Button at the top of our web site to make contributions directly to CCFI which is located across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans or you may donate directly to our mailing address : 


PO Box 9645

The Woodlands TX 77387

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