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The Director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, presented the annual World Threat Assessment to the Senate Armed Forces Committee late last week.

He said the Russian military (picture at left) poses an 'existential threat' to the US".

The Director said there are now four nations that threaten the world on every continent and in every sea and ocean.


The four nations are Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

Are these nations found in the Book of Revelation?

deep impact 1.jpg

After a week-long exercise, Nasa found that a catastrophe caused by an asteroid on a collision course with earth - like the one in the picture to the left - would be unavoidable, even if the world had six months to prepare.

Nasa thinks the Earth is helpless with the current state of technology against the many giant asteroids heading toward Earth right now.  The NASA simulation is predicting doom unless the planet finds a way to stop them.

Somehow this sounds worse than global warming.

Is this one of the seals found in Revelation being opened?

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